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Crashed (Shenandoah Shadows
Romantic Suspense Novella #7)

“You won’t want to put it down!”


“One thing I like about novellas is when I get so involved in the story that I stop breathing, the effect isn’t as bad as when I read a full-length novel. And I did stop breathing several times as I read this book.”

-Linda (GoodReads Reviewer)

“Absolutely full of action!”


I write in multiple series, and the first books in five of my series are free when you sign up for my newsletter. Click the covers below to check them out today!

The Sasha McCandless Series

Pulse-pounding, page-turning legal thrillers.

The Bodhi King

Deeply researched, thought-provoking forensic thrillers.

The Aroostine Higgins Series

Atmospheric, suspenseful crime thrillers.

The We Sisters Three Series

Light-hearted, fun mysteries with romance and hijinks.

The Shenandoah Shadows Series

Fast-paced suspense meets slow-burn romance.


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