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A Set of Brides Boxset

Lost and Gowned: Rosemary’s Wedding:

Rosemary and Detective Dave are tying the knot at the Resort by the Sea! Rosemary and her sisters have their hands full with wedding preparations. But when the bride vanishes (along with her wedding dress) after the rehearsal, Sage and Thyme know beyond a doubt that this isn’t a case of cold feet.

Sage and Thyme become bridesmaids on a mission: to find the bride and return her, unscathed, in time for the wedding. Meanwhile, Rosemary’s discovering that being abducted the night before the ceremony isn’t even the worst of her situation.

Join the sisters for a madcap wedding adventure with plenty of surprises.

Wedding Bells and Hoodoo Spells: Sage’s Wedding:

When Sage and Roman’s wedding is cursed, Sage laughs it off … until everything starts going wrong in the days leading up to the big event.

Rosemary and Thyme come to the rescue. The three sisters (and their better halves) team up to get to the bottom of a longstanding feud between Roman’s family and a powerful Gullah/Geechee conjurer and ensure that Sage’s happily ever after doesn’t become a disaster.

Wanted Wed or Alive: Thyme’s Wedding:

Thyme has her doubts about having a wedding. She’s sure about marrying Victor. But after what happened with her two older sisters’ weddings, she’s not expecting the big day to go smoothly. But she also isn’t expecting … this.
When Thyme applies for a marriage license, she’s denied. It turns out her name has been entered into the Social Security’s Death Index, the official master file of dead people. And while dead men tell no tales, dead women can’t get married, book flights, or access their bank accounts.

Thyme, Sage, and Rosemary set off with their better halves to find out who really died … and why she was using Thyme’s