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Chosen Path

Once set in motion, the wheel of the truth cannot be stopped.

Forensic pathologist Bodhi King has an international reputation as the expert to consult when there’s an unexplained death cluster. So he’s not surprised when the call comes in about a troubling spate of deaths in a remote town on the U.S.–Canadian border.

He is surprised when he arrives in the tiny community tucked away in the mountains and every door slams shut in his face. The people there don’t want his help, even as their own are dying. It would be the easiest thing in the world to walk away, but that’s not the path Bodhi’s chosen to walk.

So he digs into the town’s dark crevices in search of the truth. But what he finds will force him to confront his own beliefs about courage, compassion, and the sanctity of life and of death.