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Glamorous professional race car driver Leilah Khan is a thrill seeker, always up for adventure. She’s also tough and fearless. She has to be, as one of the few women in a field dominated by testosterone.

Attorney Ryan Hayes is intellectual and methodical. He may work for a private security firm, but his job is to avoid danger, not seek it. All the same, when his friends surprise him with a driving experience with Leilah for his birthday, Ryan finds it—and her—exhilarating.

After they leave the racetrack, still coursing with adrenaline from the high-speed laps, Leilah crashes her street car. Someone’s tampered with her brakes. And they, whoever they are, won’t stop there. Ryan and Leilah go on the run, unsure if the danger chasing them is from her racing rivals or his work for Potomac Private Services.

As they scramble to find answers, they try to resist the attraction they feel. Their chemistry is undeniable, but neither is willing to act on it. For one thing, they’re oil and water. For another, Ryan is Leilah’s brother’s best friend. But as both the danger and their desire grow, they’ll face more than one impossible choice.