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Dead Man’s Hollow

The second season of Maisy Farley’s true crime podcast takes the tenacious journalist to Dead Man’s Hollow, an expansive conservation area just outside Pittsburgh, to investigate a cold case.

As its name suggests, Dead Man’s Hollow is a place steeped in spine-tingling ghost stories, dark secrets, and whispers of the supernatural handed down from generation to generation. Maisy’s interest in the hollow is more fact-based. In 1994, a sixteen-year-old girl vanished from a party in the woods.

Heather Ryan has never been found, and no suspect has ever been arrested. As the thirtieth anniversary of the girl’s disappearance approaches, Maisy and Jordana, her unshakable producer, are determined to uncover the truth about what happened to her. The teenagers with Heather that night, now middle-aged parents, remain tight-lipped about the events in the hollow. The few details that do emerge are dark, disturbing, and not entirely trustworthy. And someone will stop at nothing to keep the long-buried truth hidden.

Undeterred, Maisy vows to bring closure to the Ryan family, no matter what ghosts she and Jordana might disturb in the process.