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Gorgeous. Challenging. Unforgiving.

Outfitter Chelsea Bishop understands the Shenandoah Wilderness. She appreciates its beauty and its danger. So when a client and his guide vanish during a backcountry camping and rafting expedition, she knows she’ll need an expert’s help to find them … just so long as that expert is anyone other than Jake West, the man who broke her heart a decade ago.

Jake West sacrificed his personal happiness for the greater good a long time ago. The former pararescue specialist lives to save others, and he’s damn good at it, too. When the only woman he’s ever loved walks into Potomac Private Services, he refuses to assign the matter to anyone else.

Jake and Chelsea plunge into the wilderness together to find the missing men and land smack in the middle of a criminal conspiracy. When a storm rolls in, they’re cut off from the outside world and in danger from ruthless criminals, the harsh landscape, and, maybe most of all, the memory of the passion they once shared.