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The Sasha McCandless Series, Boxset 3

Irrevocable Trust (Book 6)

The Federal Witness Protection Program has never lost a witness—until now.

When Allison Bennett is brutally murdered in rural North Carolina, six children are left motherless, and a dangerous enemy puts a plan in motion to bring Sasha and Connelly to their knees. The first year of marriage is challenging enough. But throw in a murderous escaped felon bent on revenge and six grieving kids with nowhere else to turn, and suddenly Sasha and Connelly face their most difficult test to date.

It will take all their courage, ingenuity, and teamwork to prevail—and if they can get through this, surviving marriage will be a breeze.

Irrefutable Evidence (Book 7)

Isolated on a barrier island by a brutal winter storm, Sasha and Leo Connelly are being stalked by a killer. Not exactly how they planned to spend their first anniversary.

Sasha’s knee-deep in an insurance coverage case, determined to finish discovery before her upcoming first anniversary trip to a tropical island. When she uncovers evidence of an arson-for-profit conspiracy buried in the thousands of pages of documents, she’s tempted to ignore it. But that’s not Sasha’s style, so she takes the information to the authorities.

Suddenly, instead of jetting off to Fiji, Sasha and Connelly find themselves on the run from a hitman determined to cover up the crimes. They race to a deserted barrier island for safety. Unfortunately, both the killer and a winter storm are headed their way. The couple faces the fight of their lives, and the stakes are higher than even they realize.

A Mingled Yarn (Book 7.5; Novella 3)

Sasha and Connelly are entering the home stretch … Sasha’s 39+ weeks pregnant and just a tiny bit cranky. Connelly’s just a tiny bit panicked. The couple’s excitement at their impending arrival is mixed with a dash of nerves, a touch of chaos, and a hint of danger … and too many surprises to count.