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Steeltown Magnolia

Maisy Farley, a Georgia peach transplanted to Pittsburgh, has won the hearts of her audience as their favorite hometown news anchor for seven years running. Then she dared to report the truth about the influential and eccentric billionaire who bought the TV station where she’s worked for over a decade. Now, she’s out of a job but sitting on a pile of money thanks to the golden parachute in her contract. It’s the perfect time to follow her dream of being an independent investigative reporter.

But Maisy’s plans are falling apart. The station’s delaying her payout, and her savings are dwindling fast. Worse yet, she can’t seem to land her first story. Then she encounters the ex-wife of Landon Lewis, a brilliant but troubled tech genius who jumped to his death.

His still-reeling ex-wife insists he was pushed: Why would he kill himself when he was on the cusp of receiving a one-hundred-million-dollar windfall? Maisy has no idea, but she knows one thing: she’s just found her story. All she has to do is follow the money—and stay alive long enough to break the story.

Longtime readers of the Sasha McCandless legal thrillers have known Maisy for years. Now, Sasha’s irrepressible friend takes center stage in a mystery of her own. Steeltown Magnolia will both delight Sasha fans and serve as the perfect chance for new readers to dive into the interconnected world of Melissa F. Miller’s mysteries and thrillers.