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Romantic Comedic Mystery

Rosemary’s Gravy

Rosemary Field never planned on working as a private, holistic chef for a demanding vegan actress. But then, plans have a way of going out the window when a girl learns her parents have skipped town, leaving behind a half-million-dollar debt.

Sage of Innocence

Sage Field loves being a nanny for the children of PGA golfer Chip Moore. But when Chip is implicated in the murder of a rival golfer and loses his endorsement contracts, the Moores are going to have to cut costs–and Sage’s job is on the chopping block. 

Thyme to Live

Yoga/Pilates instructor Thyme Field’s tender heart has gotten her into trouble before–garden-variety trouble like adopting stray animals or volunteering to take the overnight shift at a telethon. But this time, she’s in way over her head.

Lost and Gowned

Rosemary and Detective Dave are tying the knot at the Resort by the Sea! But when Rosemary vanishes (along with her wedding dress) after the rehearsal, her sisters know this isn’t a case of cold feet.

Wedding Bells & Hoodoo Spells

When Sage and Roman’s wedding is cursed, Sage laughs it off … until everything starts going wrong in the days leading up to the big event.

Wanted Wed or Alive

Thyme has her doubts about having a wedding. She’s sure about marrying Victor. But after her two older sisters’ weddings, she’s not expecting the big day to go smoothly.

A Set of Brides Boxset

Here come the brides! Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme return on their wedding days, and you’re invited!