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Current as of May 2024

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The Sasha McCandless Series

  • Irreparable Harm (introduces Maisy)
  • Inadvertent Disclosure (introduces Aroostine)
  • Irretrievably Broken
  • Indispensable Party
  • Lovers and Madmen (novella)
  • Improper Influence (introduces Bodhi)
  • A Marriage of True Minds (novella)
  • Irrevocable Trust
  • Irrefutable Evidence
  • A Mingled Yarn (novella)
  • Informed Consent
  • International Incident
  • Imminent Peril
  • The Humble Salve (novella featuring Bodhi)
  • Intentional Acts
  • In Absentia (introduces Omar from Shenandoah Shadows, but his trilogy is coming in 2025 for reasons)
  • Inevitable Discovery
  • Full Fathom Five (novella)
  • Innocent Mistakes
  • Independent Sources (features Maisy)
  • Read Steeltown Magnolia (Maisy’s first book—see her series below) now (trust me)
  • Insidious Threats (features Maisy)
  • The Anniversary Party (standalone murder mystery, stars Sasha and Leo, and features Bodhi, Maisy, and Aroostine)
  • Implied Rights (tentative title, coming October 2024)

The Aroostine Higgins Series

  • Duty of Care (prequel novella)
  • Critical Vulnerability
  • Chilling Effect
  • Calculated Risk
  • Called Home
  • Crossfire Creek
  • Clingmans Dome
  • Clean Break
  • Cape Ruin (tentative title, tentatively coming July 2024)

The Bodhi King Series

  • Dark Path
  • Lonely Path
  • Hidden Path
  • Twisted Path
  • Cold Path
  • Flight Path
  • Chosen Path
  • Forgotten Path
  • Clear Path (coming December 2024)

The We Sisters Three Series

  • Rosemary’s Gravy
  • Sage of Innocence
  • Thyme to Live
  • Lost and Gowned: Rosemary’s Wedding
  • Wedding Bells and Hoodoo Spells: Sage’s Wedding
  • Wanted Wed or Alive: Thyme’s Wedding

The Shenandoah Shadow Series 

(these are novella trilogies with cliffhangers)

  • Trent and Olivia’s Trilogy (also exists as a boxed set titled Fire)
    • Burned
    • Scorched
    • Ablaze
  • Ryan and Leilah’s Complete Trilogy (also exists as a boxed set titled Air)
    • Crashed
    • Chased
    • Caught (March 5, 2024 release)
  • Omar and Marielle’s Complete Trilogy (boxed set titled Water coming in 2025)
    • Embarked (coming March 2025)
    • Adrift (coming April 2025)
    • Shelter (coming May 2025)

The Maisy Farley Series

  • Steeltown Magnolia
  • Dead Man’s Hollow